We offer roof-top solar solutions

We at Ümagine Energy believe that access to green energy is a must in the near-future.  We thrive to play a role to make green energy more accessible and available.

We provide services for design and installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems for residential and small-scale commercial and industrial rooftops upto 250kW. 

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Send us your address and we will get back within 48 hours with preliminary technical design and forecasted electricity savings.

Step 2

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We will schedule a call and/or eventually a site visit to process the details with you and make a final offer. 

Step 3


We will send you all parts and instructions for your to enjoy your DIY project. We are always available for a video chat in case you get stuck. 

Available globally

We install

We will install the turn-key system at the site. 


Currently available in India and the Netherlands

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